AGAS Lectures

AGAS Lecturer: Dr. David Young Kim

Dr. Kim_0.jpg
Dr. Kim is an Assistant Professor in the History Department at the University of Pennsylvania, teaching Southern Renaissance art. His books include The Traveling Artist in the Italian Renaissance: Geography, Mobility, and Style (2014), which looks out the relationship between travel and the artistic process. He received his MA and PhD from Harvard. 

AGAS Lecturer: Dr. Cynthia Hahn

Cynthia-Hahn_0.jpgDr. Hahn is a professor of medieval art at Hunger College at the City University of New York.  Her books, to name a couple, include Portrayed on the Heart: Narrative Effect in Pictorial Lives of the Saints from the Tenth through Thirteenth Century and Strange Beauty: Origins and Issues in the Making of Medieval Reliquaries, 400-circa 1204.   She received her PhD from Johns Hopkins University and her MA from the University of Chicago.


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