Fabric Design

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The Fabric Design graduate program is diverse, dynamic and demanding. The program is designed to support students in becoming, active, creative and innovative leaders within the textile related fields of design, art and fine crafts.

The MFA program in Fabric Design focuses on the design of textiles for interiors, apparel and fine art applications. Working from a foundation of solid technical skills and a proficient design process, students are encouraged to develop their own vision. A broad experience in weaving, non-wovens and surface design is essential. The program includes work in both woven structure and surface design plus courses in conceptual and advanced design topics. Directed study courses are available to allow for specialization.

Spanning a broad spectrum of design, studio and professional practices, theFabric Design program relies heavily upon the development of expertise, self-initiation, research experimentation, critical thinking and design concepts. The development of individual inquiry and research will be manifested through a thesis in both written and exhibition forms.

The first year of the program focuses on enriching the student’s technique and expanding their skills. The second year allows for more individual experimentation, research and self direction. The final year culminates in a thesis project that entails both studio work and writing. Students are encouraged to create and design a body of work that reflects a depth of research and a well developed material sense along with a strong relationship to the visual language of textiles.

Throughout their education, Fabric Design graduate students acquire a multi-faceted perspective that is broad and deep enough to answer design challenges and problems while successfully navigating the intersections of art and design.

For complete information, contact the Graduate Coordinator's Office of the Lamar Dodd School of Art at 706-542-1636.