The philosophy of the ceramics area is that no one style, attitude, approach or aesthetic direction is emphasized.

During the time that a student is in the ceramics program, they are expected to develop and focus their energy towards producing a body of work for their MFA exhibition. This work should show a sense of professional maturity and should be cohesive and stylistically consistent.

Current minimum course requirements are 57 semester hours of approved graduate course work plus 3 hours of Graduate Exit Studio, ARST 9210 (which includes a final exhibition, portfolio, final oral examination and a written report).

Course requirements include 36 hours of studio , 6 hours of art history, 3 hours of art criticism or art history, 12 hours of approved electives, 3 hours of graduate exit studio (ARST 9210).

Facilities: The new graduate studios are housed in a 15,000 sq.ft.  building, built in 2012. All undergraduate studios, faculty studios, and kilns are in this space. The graduate students have their own kiln room, with access to all the other kilns, including 2 atmospheric kilns, 6 downdraft gas kilns, one 90 cu.ft. car kiln, clay making room, glaze room, and computer lab. The grad studio is divided into 4 large spaces, with moveable walls and shelving units.

For complete information, contact the Graduate Coordinator's Office of the Lamar Dodd School of Art at 706-542-1636.