Alumnus John Powers Delivers Keynote at ConFab 2017: Nashville


Dodd Alum John Powers (MFA '08, Sculpture) is featured at the Mid-South Sculpture Alliance’s ConFab 2017: Nashville. Powers, a recent Guggenheim fellow and University of Tennessee Professor, will deliver the keynote address at the conference. Powers will also lead an open discussion, which will include a panel of several emerging artists: Professor Ariel Lavery of Watkins College; artist and educator Leticia Bajuyo; and Brian Jobe, artist and co-founder of Locate Arts.


Image: John Powers, Revenant, 2014, wood, steel, electric motor and video projection

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Image: Lavery, Candy Dish, plastic candy dish, plaster, flooring, steel; 30x29x5"


Image: Bajuyo, Ad Infinitum II, 2016, donated CD and DVD discs, monofilament, cable ties, ratchet tie down straps, bungee cords, irrigation tubing, eye bolts and eye screws, sheet metal and wood screws, fender washers, threaded metal rods and bolts, 2x4s and plywood, black paint, theremin, and speaker with amplifier.


Image: Jobe, Hypostyle Section II, 2015, wood, paint, steel, gravel; 8x12x 20'
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