Matt Kenyon Visits the Dodd

As part of the 2017–2018 Visiting Artist and Scholar Lecture series, the Dodd presents a lecture by artist Matt Kenyon on Tuesday, September 19 at 5:30.

Matt Kenyon is an artist who works in Brooklyn, NY and Providence, Rhode Island. He received his MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2002 and currently is an Associate Professor in the Digital and Media Program at Rhode Island School of Design. Kenyon has been included in national and international shows, including FILE Prix 2010 at Centro Cultural FIESP in São Paulo, Brazil, and Talk to Me at the Museum of Modern Art, NY in 2011. In 2015 Kenyon gave a TED talk on the complexities and social implications of his work, Secret Memorial for Civilian Causalities. Kenyon’s art practice resides in the both sculptural and digital worlds, operates under the name S.W.A.M.P. (Studies of Work Atmosphere and Mass Production), and focuses on themes such as mass media, global corporations, and the military-industrial complex. 


IMAGE: Notepad by Matt Kenyon

The Notepad is an act of protest and commemoration disguised as a stack of ordinary yellow legal pads. When the pages are magnified, each ruled line is revealed to be microprinted text enumerating the full names, dates, and locations of each Iraqi civilian death on record over the first three years of the Iraq War.