Michael Oliveri

Area Chair for ArtX
Associate Professor of Art
N131C, Lamar Dodd School of Art
Office Hours: 
By Appointment Only

Los Angeles native Michael Oliveri received his MFA in new genres from UCLA and his BFA in sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute. His work is conceptually based utilizing a wide range of media from large photographic prints to multi-media installations and performances. Live animals, immigrant workers, hydroponics, radio signal technology, effects processors, video and photography are examples of his unlimited palette. 

Oliveri utilizes technology, usually applied in hard sciences and contemporary art practices, to arrive at a poetic synthesis between art and science. His past body of work used a field emission scanning electron microscope to create large landscape images from nano structures created by NanoSec faculty Dr. Zengwei Pan at the University of Georgia. These images blur scale and draw us into a seemingly familiar human setting and then upon closer inspection they become totally unfamiliar. These images have spawned interest in the field of nano technology and have been used in many educational forums. Oliveri has also collaborated with the Center for Ultrastructual Research at UGA in creating a body of bio-inspired work from structures found at the nanoscale.

His work may provide no scientific information at this point, other than an aesthetic appreciation for the images formed. The many reviews and articles in both artistic and scientific journals on his work reflect and describe the impact they make on this combined audience. The broader impact of his work is the interaction between artists and scientists, allowing for dialog and an understanding of how these two disciplines can form synergistic partnerships. 

Research Detail: 

Michael Oliveri is an artist, designer, fabricator with a passion to bring unusual innovation into projects.