Scientific Illustration


The fields of biological and medical illustration, collectively known as Scientific Illustration, use artwork as visual tools of communication solely for the service of education.

The production of illustrations of measured accuracy, conceptualized illustrations and diagrammatic illustrations are created to enable communication between scientist and author, teacher and student, or physician and patient. An artist must, therefore, be aware of the viewer's level of knowledge and relate the message in a logical sequence without confusing the viewer with too much or too little information. Because they communicate subtleties and eliminate ambiguities of language, scientific illustrations are an important, often necessary, element in precise communication in scientific education.

Students will receive a BFA degree in Scientific Illustration. Upon graduation, the student should be able to enter the field with a broad understanding of science and techniques enabling direct communication with an expert in any discipline of science. The successful completion of the required courses should provide the student with the portfolio and resume of classes required for acceptance into an accredited master's degree program in medical illustration.

Degree Requirements

Refer to the UGA bulletin for most current degree requirements.

View a sample four-year plan here. (pdf)

Area VI
ARHI 2400, ARST 1040, ARST 1050, ARST 1060, ARST 1070, ARST 1080; ARST 2010 or ARST 2000

  • 60 hrs in major
  • Minimum grade of C required for all coursesbfa_scientific_requirements_300_373auto_c1.jpg

Course Requirements

Studio Art Courses: 27 hrs

ARST 2000 Introduction to the Figure (3 hours)
ARGD 3020 Graphic Systems (3 hours) or ARST 2800 Introduction to Digital Imaging
ARGD 3310 Fundamentals of Scientific Illustration (6 hours)
ARGD 3320 Intermediate Scientific Illustration (6 hours)
ARGD 3330 Advanced Scientific Illustration (6 hours)
ARST 4020 Anatomy for the Figure (3 hours)

Studio Electives: choose 9 hrs from the following:

ARGD 3010 Design Drawing Techniques
ARGD 3050 Illustration
ARGD 4090 Digital Narrative Systems 
ARGD 4080 Special Problems in Graphic Design
ARST 2100 Intro Painting
ARST 2210 Intro Photography & Image Culture
ARST 3010 Advanced Drawing

Science Electives: choose 12 hrs from the following:

BTNY 4230/4230L
BTNY 4650/4650L
CBIO 2200/2200L*
CBIO 2210/2210L*
CBIO 3000/3000L*
ECOL (FORS) 3260/3260L
ECOLl 4050/4050L
ECO 4040/4040L
ECOL 4070/4070L
ECOL 4060/4060L
ECOL (FORS) 3580/3580L

*Note: CBIO 2200/2200L, CBIO 2210/2210L, and CBIO 3000/3000L are required for Medical Illustration.

ARGD 3340 Senior Exit: 3 hours
(the Senior Exit requires a senior exhibition, critique, portfolio, and evaluation)

Art History: 9 hours
ARHI 300/4000 level (take two 3000-level courses before enrolling in a 4000-level course)