Drawing and Painting

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A 3-year Drawing and Painting MFA Program

Graduate students deserve the most informed response available to their work. At the Dodd, MFA candidates in Drawing and Painting will find intellectual rigor, time for their studio practices, and a variety of research resources and opportunities to grow and sustain their creativity. The graduate faculty in Drawing and Painting are dedicated to helping students whose practices encompass the broadest sense of what drawing and painting can do. Across style, method, form, and subject, we share a deep commitment to making, are passionate about the studio, and are engaged with material and its application. Clustered together and open around-the-clock, each graduate studio in the Drawing and Painting area has it’s own door and four walls (some with floor-to-ceiling windows). These spaces are augmented by a handsome gallery where Drawing and Painting MFA candidates curate exhibitions. The studios of the faculty and the undergraduate studios are very close by, providing favorable conditions for discourse throughout the department. Community in graduate school program is crucial to the success of students. The Drawing and Painting area is place where artists make in close proximity to others with diverse backgrounds and interests. We nurture an atmosphere of continual collective informal discussion of the work within the Drawing and Painting area, supported by critical response from fellow students and faculty from all areas as well as visiting artists, curators, scholars, and critics. The faculty want students to believe in trying things, and to feel the agency to take risks. We’re here to help graduate students to work as though they will always be artists, with the intention of developing the underpinnings of a lifetime of creative endeavor.

Recent visiting critics in Drawing and Painting include:

Gregg Horowitz, scholar and Professor at Pratt Institute
Jed Pearl, art writer
Eric Fischl, artist
Jesse Aron Green, artist
Farrah Karapetian, artist
Frances Whitehead, artist
Henrik Drescher, illustrator, artist, author
Veronica Kessenich, Executive Director of Atlanta Contemporary
Dan Weiskopf, art writer at Burnaway and Associate Professor at Georgia State University
Craig Dongoski, artist and Professor at Georgia State University
Pam Longobardi, artist Professor at Georgia State University
Sam Stabler, artist
Lilly Lampe, art writer
Alex Robins, art writer
Tommy Taylor, artist
Joseph Peragine, artist, Professor at Georgia State University
Daniel Fuller, Curator at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
Eric Mack, artist
Stephanie Cash, art critic, writer, and Executive Director of Burnaway
Courtney Hammond, artist, curator, and Artistic Director of the Dashboard Co-op
Victoria Camblin, executive editor of Art Papers magazine
Julie Deliquanti, Executive Director of Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
Katherine Taylor, artist