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It is our goal for each student to develop personal style and individual expression using clay as the primary material.

The BFA candidate should have a working knowledge of the various techniques of the ceramic process including clay and glaze formulation, kiln building and firing, throwing on the potters wheel and numerous methods of hand forming. Both utilitarian and sculptural approaches will be stressed. Students will be exposed to a wide range of contemporary and historical examples of ceramic art. The BFA candidate should be prepared to present a professional portfolio of their work as an application to graduate school. Exceptional students may be prepared to function independently as working studio artist-potters, however, further study at the graduate level is recommended. BFA candidates are required to present an exhibition that demonstrates their achievement in developing a mature and cohesive body of creative work. Students are also encouraged to enter competitive shows and attend workshops and national conferences.

Ceramics sample four year plan (pdf)

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For current requirements, refer to the UGA Bulletin.