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Graduate work in the History of Art at the University of Georgia is an intensive process designed to prepare students for careers in museums and academia.

Those entering with a Masters degree from another institution begin specialized course work toward the Ph.D. on arrival, while those entering with an undergraduate degree begin their training with courses in a wide range of topics before deciding on an area of specialization within the field of art history.

Home to nine faculty members with specialties that range from Classical Antiquity to Contemporary Visual Culture, the Art History area is committed to training students broadly while developing significant depth in the student’s field of choice. To that end, graduate-level coursework in Art History is divided between small, advanced lecture courses and intimate seminars on highly specialized topics. Taken as a whole, these courses, when coupled with a required course in historiography and methods, aim to develop specialized skills required by the discipline of art history.

Graduate students in the History of Art benefit from the area’s close ties to the Georgia Museum of Art and the nearby resources of the High Museum and the Contemporary in Atlanta. They also take advantage of significant programming on campus, including the Visual Culture Colloquium and a student-run lecture series that brings several outstanding art historians to campus each year. In addition, students benefit from a wide variety of activities organized by students and faculty in the Lamar Dodd School of Art, most notably the Visiting Artist & Scholar Lecture Series.

Students graduating with an M.A. degree in Art History routinely procure jobs at museums and galleries and have gone on to pursue Ph.D.s at some of the finest programs in the country, including Princeton University and the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University.

research funding

Our graduate students may apply each year for supplemental funding to assist participation in conferences, and special travel related to thesis and dissertation research. Deadlines for applications are in both fall and spring semesters. Sources include the Willson Center for the Humanities and Arts, the Graduate School, Dodd Scholarships and Awards, and the Art History Area Support Fund. Find more information here.



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