Art Education


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The Art Education program at Lamar Dodd School of Art is considering applications for every semester. Please follow the deadlines and guidelines as listed on the UGA graduate school website.

Master of Art Education (M.A.Ed.)

While full-time enrollment is encouraged, many M.A.Ed. students are practicing art teachers. For that reason, graduate classes are taught in the evening, once a week. The Graduate School requires continuous enrollment meaning a student must be registered for two out of three semesters per year.
At the completion of 12 hours of graduate study, the student must pass a continuance examination administered by the art education faculty before being admitted as a candidate for the degree.

During the final semester of the program of study, the candidate must pass a Final Oral Examination administered by the art education faculty. A student must enroll for a minimum of 3 hours of credit the semester in which degree requirements are completed. The program leads to the Level 5 Certificate.

The program also provides an option to obtain initial teaching certification in art (Level 4 Certificate) as well as the Masters (Level 5 Certificate)

Doctor of Philosophy in Art (Ph.D.) Art Education Emphasis

The Lamar Dodd School of Art offers the Doctor of Philosophy in Art degree with an emphasis in Art Education for those students who meet admission requirements, including experience in art education or related teaching experience. Each candidate for the degree shall be required to demonstrate competence in the following areas of study:

  • History and Criticism of Art
  • Art Education
  • A concentrated area of study outside the art school relevant to and coordinated with the candidates major.

Specific sequences of courses for each candidate will depend on his/her area of interest and his/her previous graduate and undergraduate study. The granting of the degree requires a minimum of 30 hours of course work.

Admission to candidacy is granted at the completion of course work and the research skills requirement, approval of the dissertation prospectus, and satisfactory performance in the written and oral preliminary examinations.

The doctoral dissertation should demonstrate that the student is capable of doing independent original research, the results of which provide an addition to the body of knowledge in the field.


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