Art Education

The Art Education program at the University of Georgia is grounded in critical, experiential, and interdisciplinary inquiry. Faculty and students benefit from close proximity to the Georgia Museum of Art, partnerships with schools and community organizations in diverse settings, and the expertise of renowned studio and art history faculty within the School of Art. As a community of art educators we explore the intersections of contemporary art, histories of art education, visual culture, service-learning, social justice, and digital technology. Prepared to be leaders in the field, graduates are encouraged to be innovators and risk-takers who challenge the status quo through locally and globally transformative practices.

Students may also work toward careers with other agencies and institutions such as community centers and art museums. The BFA degree is a prerequisite for initial teacher certification.

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General Curriculum

  • ARHI 2300 is required for all art majors (Area IV–World Language/Culture).
  • Students are urged to take ARTS 2050 (Area IV–Humanities and the Arts). This course also fulfills the Franklin College Multicultural requirement.
  • EFND 2120 is also highly recommended if the student has available general electives.

Area VI: ARST 1040, ARST 1050, ARST 1060, ARST 1080, ARST 2010, ARST 2020 or ARST 1070, and ARST 2100 or 2110.

Find detailed BFA degree requirements for each area of emphasis here.
For current requirements, refer to the UGA online Bulletin.

l bustle3_1_0.JPGArea Admission Requirements

  • Completion of Area VI with a GPA of 3.00 or above in these courses,
  • Completion of or enrollment in ARED 2110 Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education
  • An overall 2.5 G.P.A. is required for admission and must be maintained to remain in the major.
  • Passing score on GACE Basic Skills (or exemptions based on college entrance exam scores:
  • Combined minimum 1000 SAT: Verbal-Critical Reading and Mathematics / 43 ACT
  • 35 hours of early field experiences in schools or community settings 
    Early field experiences may be completed at schools, afterschool programs, community centers, churches, camps or other organizations that work primarily with youth.  You may count any experiences that were completed in the last three years provided that you can obtain a signature on the field and successfully complete a reflection. Locally, you may contact the following organizations such as the Georgia Museum of Art (Family Day) or Lyndon House for potential volunteer opportunities.(see Early Experiences for details).
    (see Early Experiences for details). NOTE: Observational and instructional experience that is gained as a part of UGA credited coursework may not be counted towards Early Experiences
  • A 500 word statement outlining the reasons for majoring in art education
  • A copy of the student's current degree audit (printable from Degree Works)

Completion of the Major and Certification Requirements

66 hours of course work in the major. Minimum grade of C required for all courses. A passing scores on GACE Art Education I & II is required for Georgia Teacher Certification (Level 4).

When To Apply

Applications to the major are due on the following dates:

  • October 1
  • March 1

In order to apply, you will need digital files (pdf format) of the following documents:

  1. Your typed and signed Art Ed Early Experience Form
  2. Your most current degree audit (printable from Degree Works)
  3. Your 500 word statement outlining your reasons for majoring in art education
  4. Evidence of GACE scores or exemption which includes a combined minimum 1000 SAT: Verbal-Critical Reading and Mathematics/ 43 ACT
  5. 5 Digital images of artwork created in university studio courses. Please label each file with course name (e.g. last name.studiowork.ARST2110.pdf).

Files must be pdf format and the file names should be as follows: lastname.itemdescription.pdf
For example: smith.artedearlyexperienceform.pdf

Please send an email to the area chair, Dr. Lynn Sanders-Bustle, indicating your intent to submit application materials and including the following information:

  • Name
  • UGA My ID
  • Student ID number (9 digit number starting with 810 or 811)

Once your email is received, you will be added to an eLC site which will provide instructions for submitting your digital files.
Please note that all digital files must be uploaded to the eLC site by the application deadline.

diane lee_1.JPGFacilities

The Lamar Dodd School of Art is located in the University of Georgia’s Performing and Visual Arts Complex. Located on East Campus, the new art building, designed by Menefee & Winer Architects, offers state of the art facilities for undergraduate and graduate students in studio, art history, and art education programs.

Serving 1,000 undergraduate majors, the School of Art is also home to nationally ranked graduate programs.

The new art building on East Campus is the first facility since 1963 designed specifically for the technical needs of diverse studio art programs. In addition to art studios, the new building provides several multi-media lecture halls and classrooms for Art History and Art Education courses and conferences, as well as the Visiting Artist and Scholar Lecture Series.

Painting and Drawing, Fabric Design, Printmaking and Book Arts, Graphic Design, Scientific Illustration, Foundations, Art Education, Digital Media, and Photography are now under one roof on East Campus in the new 40 million dollar facility. Art galleries, a Visual Resource Center, Design Center, wood and metal shops are also housed there. Ceramics, Sculpture, Interior Design, Jewelry & Metals are housed in four additional studio facilities across the UGA campus. Private giving will continue to play a major role in ensuring excellence in all of the programs in the Lamar Dodd School of Art.


Add-On Certification

Individuals with an undergraduate degree in studio art from the Lamar Dodd School of Art may request admission to Art Education for add-on certification. Students complete the additional course work specific to teacher certification (Level 4).

Student Profile

Art Education majors are students with a serious interest in art and a desire to share that interest with others, primarily in the K-12 educational setting. Students should be dedicated to helping young people develop their abilities to create and respond to art; exhibit adaptability to a variety of learning situations, student backgrounds and personalities; demonstrate flexibility and imagination in using a range of art media, equipment and facilities; and be resourceful in the development of instructional strategies relevant to contemporary students. The beginning teacher must possess knowledge of the content of art and how it relates to other disciplines. They understand that students learn in different ways and demonstrate the ability to design instruction so that all students have this opportunity.


There is currently a shortage of qualified art teachers in Georgia. Opportunities for teaching art exist in a wide range of teaching situations. The primary positions available are at the elementary, middle and high school levels, in both private and public schools.

Search jobs at Teach Georgia. Use "Grades K-12 Combination", "Grades K-5 Combination", "Grades 6-8 Combination", and "Grades 9-12 Combination" to search for current art positions.

A Masters degree in Art Education is now commonly accepted as an entry level degree in museum education.

Search museum education job listings from the American Association of Museums

Art Education Study Abroad in Cortona, Italy

Work with Italian children in the Tuscan hillside town of Cortona. Take art criticism focusing on original works of art in Italy. Learn art history as you visit sites of major works of art. Experience studio inspired by the beauty of Tuscany. Join us for a life changing educational experience!

The UGA art education program in Cortona is the product of a close collaboration with the Cortonese School District. The program allows American students to teach in the Scuola Elementare di Cortona.

Besides students in the School of Art, the Cortona art education experience is open to students from the UGA College of Education, including the ECCO Program, and Honors Program. 

The Art Education program in Cortona is also open to art education students from other colleges and universities and to other majors with interest and/or experience in working with children in an international setting.

University of Georgia Studies Abroad Program/Cortona, Italy